Thank you for your interest in our pension and sailing lessons.
We appreciate the fact that you have chosen us and we will work hard to earn your trust.

Sailing is many sports in one. It can be pursued in an intense or casual manner as you choose.

Our approach is low key, relaxed and tailored to make your introduction to sailing a fun experience.

Our emphasis is on creating a relaxed atmosphere by providing a personal, friendly and above all professional service resulting in an enjoyable experience that you will always remember.

Here you will not only learn the fundamentals of sailing but also have an unforgettable vacation.

We would like add that our pension is not just for those who want to take sailing lessons.

Sailing is an activity  that we offer to our guests without charge and they may or may not participate as they wish.



We would be more than happy in helping you to get the most fun out of your vacation by arranging daily tours. 

There will be no reduction in price without sail training because it is something we offer free to our guests.

Thank you again and we hope to entertain you soon..


Regular pension guests can explore many nearby historic places and wonders of nature by land or sea.

Just to name a few:
Ancient city of Knidos ( Cnidus ), one of the major ancient harbour cities along the Anatolian shores;
Ancient city of Cedrae located on the Sedir island , famous for its Cleopatra Beach;
Kizkumu ( Maiden's beach ), extends 600 meters into the sea in such a way that people who walk along it seem to be walking on water.
Byzantine church on Kameriye Island
Turgut Waterfall, in a wide valley covered with forests, plants and flora.